7.11.2 Appointments and Reporting to the International Scholars Office

Immigration regulations, legislation, and interpretations are constantly changing. More detailed, up-to-date information on immigration matters can be obtained from ISchO. Hiring foreign nationals and bringing them to MIT in a timely manner requires specialized advice and preparation.

Inquiries and requests for appointment and visa sponsorship should be channeled through the department, laboratory, or center’s primary liaison to the ISchO, typically the Personnel Administrator or Administrative Officer. Liaisons are urged to contact the ISchO as many months as possible in advance of the expected arrival of any international scholar. Occasionally, despite ISchO’s best efforts, sponsorship of a particular scholar is not possible, or an appointment start date must be delayed to allow for government agency processing of visa documents.

All newly arrived international scholars must register with the ISchO (with their passports and visa documents), regardless of the scholar’s immigration status or sponsor. Departments, laboratories, and centers must ensure that this registration is done promptly after the scholar’s arrival at MIT. Departments, laboratories, and centers must report the departure or termination of international scholars to the ISchO, including notifying if a scholar completes his/her appointment earlier than expected.

Orientation and Registration

The arrival and departure of international scholars must be reported to the ISchO in order to comply with federal regulations and maintain accurate records. All new scholars should register with ISchO upon arrival at MIT. ISchO offers orientation sessions for new international scholars. Information will be given to the scholars upon registration. The orientation includes information helpful in the "settling-in" process and important information on visa requirements, health insurance, tax obligations, and MIT resources for scholars and families. 

ISchO notifies departments, laboratories, and center (DLC) headquarters four to six months in advance of the scholar's appointment or visa status end date, whichever comes first. If headquarters indicates that a scholar's stay will be extended, ISchO provides relevant instructions for extension of immigration status.

Program Completion

DLCs are required to notify ISchO when a scholar completes his/her appointment earlier than expected, in order for ISchO to notify the appropriate government agency.

Page updated March 2023